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About the area
Thyborøn is a town with several attractions and a great place for adventures.

Every year thousands of tourists enjoy both our unique nature and the attractions and facilities that the municipality offers.

we have outstanding and spacious beaches which suit grown ups as well as children.

"Sneglehuset" (The Hause of Shells) which you find at sneglevej in the southweatern part of Thyborøn is a unique hause decorated with millions of shells. The house was built by one man who worked on the house through his entire life. Inside as well as outside the the walls and furniture are covered by creative patterns made of shells and snail shells. "Sneglehuset" (The House of Shells) and the exhibition there is the biggest tourist attraction of the area. The royal family has visited "sneglehuset" and both Danish and German television have shown the location several times. You can park close by and only about 100 meters away you will find the Thyborøn Fortress which consist of about 100 bunkers from World War II.

Between Thyborøn and Harboøre there is a huge area designated as nature of outstanding beauty where you can watch the rich wildlife of birds and animals. You can walk or bike through the area or you can go for a ride with the local train VLTJ which is now also known all over the country because of a song made and song by the local folk music group "Tørfisk". Among other things you will pass "Victoria Street Station".

Or perhapa you would rather go sailing with the ferry "kanalen" which passes a large group of seals on its way to Agger.

More and more yachts choose Thyborøn marina where the facilities are first class.

For anglers Thyborøn is paradise. You can go fishing all year from boat, from the beach, from the groynes, in the canal or in the harbour. During summer sails are arranged both on the sea and in Limfjorden.

in 2001 "kystcentret", the famous centre of adventure and experience the fascinating forces of nature though the latest media technology and interactive activities.

Many people are also interested in experiencing the everyday life of a working fishing port where every day begins with the fishing auction. Here you will also find the anchor from the Russian frigate Alexander Newsky which was stranded close to Thyborøn in 1868.