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Apartments in Thybor√łn
At you can book accommodation or rented apartments. The house on Havnegade 2 in Thybor√łn consists of 5 apartments of various sizes. Apartment 1 has a terrace and sea views, while the other apartments do not have views. This is compensated, however, for the short distance to the beach and sea. (You can get your feet wet in under a minute?). The house is a courtyard with benches and tables, which also has stairs to apartment 1 is always helpful in finding accommodations in Thybor√łn.
Rates for single nights is 27 euro per. person.
Harbour Street 2 is within walking distance to restaurants, harbor, Jyllands Aquarium, Coastal Center, snail house, etc. For information on accommodation or other info about Thybor√łn you can mail